STEP Correspondence Course

This material on this website was developed for a pilot course funded by the DfE. The aim was to provide support for students currently in Years 12 and 13 who were considering applying to universities that require mathematics admissions examinations such as STEP. The course was intended for students who would not otherwise have received much help with STEP.

The assignments provide a programme of work intended to run from the beginning of the spring term of year 12 to the summer term of year 13. The project resources remain open to everyone. You are welcome to work through the assignments and to use the post-mortems. The correspondence aspect of the project is no longer available, and the forums that were on this site are now closed.

The legacy of this project is that these assignments now form the foundation of an extended support program which provides help and advice for students wanting to sit STEP I, STEP II and STEP III papers, or who want to apply to a university course in Mathematics or other related subjects. Please visit to find revised versions of the assignments and extra supporting material as well as a forum where you can ask questions about the material or any other questions about STEP that you might have.